Immediate Pain Relief from Toothaches

There are numerous reasons why a tooth extraction may become necessary, although degenerative tooth decay is by far the most common cause. Plaque-generating bacteria, genetic makeups which increase susceptibility to cavities, and natural wear as a result of advanced age are all primary causes of tooth decay. A tooth extraction procedure may be chosen if one’s baby teeth did not completely fall out, thus blocking the permanent teeth which grew in afterward. Those who have more teeth than normal, a fractured or severely damaged tooth, or those with periodontal disease may also be recommended for a tooth extraction.

Patients being administered treatments such as radioactive therapy, transplants, or surgeries as well as those receiving special drugs may need to have teeth extracted in order to avoid the complications of oral infections. Patients who are also preparing for orthodontics (braces) may also need an extraction performed to start with a healthier set of teeth.

Your professional La Mesa dentists normally employ local anesthesia methods for a tooth extraction procedure.  General anesthesia may be administered to patients meeting specific requirements.  All of these compounds induce numbness and reduce the sensitivity of oral issues and nerves so that the patient will feel little to no sensations of pain throughout the entire procedure and immediately afterward.

Teeth easily visible in the mouth is normally treated by a procedure called a simple extraction. This usually involves the use of only two dental devices for the procedure – an elevator for freeing the tooth from its anchor in the jaw, and forceps for removing it from the mouth.

Surgical extractions are a more intricate approach for removing teeth which cannot be removed through a simple extraction.  The dentist will have to perform specialized cutting into the gum tissue to increase access to the tooth which is to be extracted; oftentimes, these are teeth which are severely broken or which did not emerge completely into the mouth.  The latter is otherwise known as an impacted tooth.

Perhaps you’re wondering if you would be a suitable candidate for a tooth extraction procedure? Have our trusted La Mesa dentists consult with you as to whether a tooth extraction procedure is the best treatment for your situation.

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