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If you are in severe pain right now because of your cracked/chipped tooth, your crown, or feeling a numb sensation and a severe toothache because of your wisdom tooth that is impacted, then worry no more– call us at Smiles of La Mesa for a quick and an effective way of treating dental emergency cases!

Want fast and effective treatment? Call our La Mesa, CA dental office right away at 619-698-5471.

Loosened or broken/fractured teeth,  misaligned teeth, and knocked out teeth are three examples of an emergency case. In these cases, your gums, cheeks and lips are often injured, too.

Dental Emergency La Mesa

We advise that you see an emergency dentist as soon as possible because we know how painful oral injuries can get. Getting to your emergency dentist in La Mesa within half an hour can differ the situation, they can be either to save or to lose your tooth.

Do remember, whether you have an impacted wisdom tooth, a decayed or infected tooth, or are in more needed situations, our dentists can surely provide you with an affordable and high-quality dental care for a quick relief from further aggravation and pain.

Call us now to know exactly why you are experiencing severe pain in your mouth. For an emergency dental appointment, dial 619-698-5471.

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