Prevent Gum Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

Traditionally, after a person has lost a tooth or a few teeth, the most common prosthetic option that he can receive is a removable denture. A partial removable denture can provide unilateral or bilateral coverage and replacement for your lost tooth or teeth but since they are not fixed, they are not so comfortable and they are inferior in function. Porcelain dental bridges can be prescribed, in lieu of removable dentures, when a patient has gaps between teeth.

In dental bridges, the crowns are being supported by the remaining teeth. Like porcelain crowns, the bridge is fabricated by reducing the surface of the teeth with a drilling bur so that it can support the bridgework. An impression is taken, so that a dental cast or mould can be fabricated and then sent to the dental laboratory. The finished product, the dental bridge, will arrive from the laboratory and then it is installed on a patient by permanent cement. They are best for short-span edentulous, or when there is unilateral involvement; but it can also be prescribed for bilateral loss of teeth, in which almost all of the remaining teeth will be utilized to support the teeth.

Porcelain is the most common material used for the fabrication of crowns and bridges. Porcelain is a tooth-colored material and it can be matched to the shade of the remaining teeth, but there are also other materials utilized in the dental laboratory. Ceramic crowns (which are highly aesthetic but less durable compared to porcelain) or metal crowns (either stainless steel or gold, which are least superior in terms of providing aesthetics but definitely more reliable, where longevity is concerned) are also good choices for materials; to find out what kind of restoration is best for your need, you will need to visit contact Smiles of La Mesa on Univeristy Ave and book an appointment, today.

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