Improve Your Teeth’s Appearance With Smile Of La Costa Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are like a cap that covers a current tooth, and they are used in order to improve the use and appearance of one’s tooth. It can be prescribed for various reasons. Often, dental crowns are necessary when a tooth can no longer be restored by traditional meansTeeth Whitening (restorative fillings) after a fracture, damage or tooth decay. It can also be prescribed to patients with discolored and stained teeth, as well as for cases of slight misalignments and malformations.

To be able to fabricate the crowns, the tooth in question will be prepared. It will be drilled and reduced on all surfaces, and an impression is taken so that a dental cast or mould can be produced and then sent to the dental laboratory. The crown once installed, is cemented to the current tooth, and covers it completely just above the gum line. Almost instantly, once the crown or crowns are cemented, the patient will see an improvement with his smile.

Crowns can be requested for cosmetic or necessity reasons. While porcelain is the most common material used for crown fabrication, patients also have the option to go for ceramic crowns (which are highly aesthetic but less durable compared to porcelain) or metal crowns (either stainless steel or gold, which are least superior in terms of providing aesthetics but definitely more reliable, where longevity is concerned).

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