Smiles of La Mesa Provides You Only The Best Dental Sealants

The natural anatomy of the teeth includes an occlusal table with deep grooves and fissures. These offer a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and if you want to be able to protect your teeth from tooth decay, dental sealants can be used to seal these areas and ensure that when chewing, food and bacteria does not infiltrate the tooth. Bacteria can penetrate into the hard tissues of the teeth and spread infection. By applying coatings of sealant on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, you provide a protective covering on the teeth that will help preserve the health of your smile.

Dental sealants are easy to apply. First, an acidic gel is placed over a clean tooth, after which a few coats of sealant are painted on the surface. Once a minute has passed, the sealant dries and the patient is released, equipped with a few tips on how to properly care for his sealed teeth.

Sealants can last up to 10 years with home care and regular check-ups. Sealants applied by your dentist, today, can continue to protect your teeth in the next years. If they have chipped or have been dislodged from your teeth, a brand new application will be in order.

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