cosmetic dentistryCosmetic Dentistry involves oral surgery, prosthodontics and orthodontics and the more modern dental procedures.

Our teeth help maintain our bite and if the health of the bite is preserved, the muscles and the skin within the area of our mouth maintain its integrity and youthful appearance. Our teeth’s aesthetic function is to make us appear presentable and be able to smile confidently so we aspire to maintain the health and beauty of our teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry La Mesa IL

The best cosmetic dentist in La Mesa is able to do all kinds of things to help restore and transform a patient’s smile.

There are different procedures that can be considered cosmetic in nature:

  • Teeth whitening is a procedure done in-office or at home, and it involves the use of a whitening material and often the involvement of laser technology to improve the brightness and lightness of the teeth, thus making it more even in color and shade.
  • Invisalign and more traditional orthodontic options (using braces) are prescribed to patients with misalignments and bite problems. Just as the traditional braces would, the technology involved in the fabrication of Invisalign aligners allow the patients to enjoy straighter, more aligned teeth without having to go through the pain and discomfort involved with brackers, wires and elastic bands.
  • Dental crowns, bridges and veneers restore lost tooth or address esthetic problems with a more permanent solution. These prosthetic considerations will involve the reduction of some tooth surface, but it can replace both function and esthetic to the mouth.
  • Dental implants is a more modern approach to teeth replacement. This involves the installation of titanium screws on the jaw of the patient and these will replace the lost tooth’s roots. Once stable within the jaw it will be installed with crowns and they will be fully functional.

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