Combat Gum Disease With Your Trusted La Mesa Dentist.

Most people do not care much for their gums. In fact, periodontal disease is relatively unknown to most patients as they think that they are only supposed to care for their teeth. Unfortunately, the health of you periodontium is very important for the preservation of teeth. The periodontium refers to the structures in the mouth that function to support the teeth and the gums, the periodontal ligaments, the cementum, and the alveolar bone. These structures have to remain healthy because together they provide stability for the teeth within the jaw bone. A few symptoms of a possible periodontal problem are bleeding and receding gums.

Many of those who are suffering from gum disease do not even know what they are dealing with. It is encouraged, therefore, that patients make it a habit to visit their dentist at La Mesa so that disease signs can be detectedGum Disease earlier on. Deep cleaning and scaling, as well as extensive root planning procedure often resolve least severe periodontal issues. In more severe cases, gum and bone grafting procedures may be necessary, but only if such procedures can guarantee success.

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