Use it or Lose it Dental Insurance

Few more months, the year comes to end, most of the patients will waste hundreds of dollars due to un-utilize dental insurance which provided by their insurance provided. During this last months of the year people are too busy and before they figure it out it is already ends, and they will forget the visit [...]

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How Periodontal Disease Develops

  Periodontal treatments, like many other aspects of good health, conforms to the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Reducing the excess formation of plaque through regular brushing and flossing is important to avoid a serious condition called periodontitis, or gum disease. This condition starts when food particles, especially [...]

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How root canal treatments help you keep all your teeth

Our teeth help us to chew food that needs to be broken down before it enters our digestive system so that our body can absorb the nutrients from them.  It also helps us pronounce much more clearly and accurately. Our teeth also help us look better by preventing our facial muscles to sag. If teeth [...]

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What is a Composite Filling Dentistry?

If one or more of your teeth has significant decay, your Smiles of La Mesa dentist will advise you to have a cavity filled to preserve it. In the past, silver amalgam was the only option for filling material. However, most dental patients today prefer composite fillings instead. This is partly cosmetic since composite fillings [...]

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How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

You may need to have a tooth extracted for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common ones include: A tooth was partially knocked out in an accident and the Smiles of La Mesa dentists need to remove the remainder to make room for a dental restoration. The tooth serves no useful purpose, as [...]

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What Foods to Eat for Stronger Teeth

Remember that your smile gives a strong impression on people you interact with. Having healthy teeth is an important asset to your image and health. If you have weak and unattractive teeth, this prevents you not only from eating certain foods but also from having a confident and beautiful smile. How do we get stronger [...]

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