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A Common View About Composite Filling

In decades past, the only choice people had when they needed a cavity filled was for the dentist to use silver amalgam filling material. As a dental patient today, you are fortunate to have the option to receive a composite filling instead. That is because many people expressed concerns about the potential dangers of having [...]

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Betterment of Dental Prophylaxis

  A dental prophylaxis is a dental procedure that is performed primarily to help reduce the risk of gum and tooth disease. Also known simply as a prophylaxis or prophy, this dental procedure is recommended to be taken every six months or yearly, depending on a patient’s history. It is performed by a dentist or [...]

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5 Common Types of Teeth Repair and Restoration

Teeth restoration is generally required for the repair of teeth damaged by cavities or injuries due to an accident. There are several methods offered by restorative dentistry that are used to solve these types of dental problems but the most common is a dental filling. Here are the 5 most common types of teeth repair: Fillings. [...]

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How You Can Smile More Easily with Dental Bridges

Was your tooth broken when you were a kid? Does it make you unhappy every time you see the gap between your teeth? You can end your unhappiness and discontent because a porcelain dental bridge can fix this problem. If you have one or two missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist may recommend replacing them with [...]

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What Do Dental Veneers Correct?

Dental veneers are used by dentists to fix cavities or broken and damaged teeth. Veneers are also used to improve the look of healthy teeth to improve the appearance. This treatment can result in a set of straight, matching teeth of healthy white coloring, giving the patient greater confidence to show off their smile. Veneers [...]

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Saving a Tooth with a Root Canal Procedure

Every tooth in a person’s mouth is very valuable because it serves a function. You need your teeth to flash a beautiful smile. You need your teeth to be able to eat a variety of food. You need your teeth to produce certain sounds during speech. You need your teeth to hold your bite and [...]

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