Dental Crowns for Securing Your Teeth

  When used as a form of restorative dentistry, the goal of dental crowns is to save the tooth and avoid extraction, dental implants, or dentures. At Smiles of La Mesa though we offer all these services, we understand that in some cases, surgical intervention or replacement isn’t the most comfortable solution. Several situations may [...]

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When Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Usually, malocclusion is corrected during teenage years; however, there are also adults that undergo orthodontic treatments. Your dentist will determine if you are a candidate for an orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatments include the use of the following fixed appliance, removable appliance and functional appliance. Fixed appliance Includes the use of dental braces which are fixed [...]

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The Beauty of Denture Implants

Having no tooth or teeth, dentures have long been the choice so far . To carry out to restore and replace tooth or teeth that should maintain purpose and appearance, a patient will need to order a prosthesis from his dentist. Removable dentures can replace a missing tooth or teeth whether the loss is one [...]

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