To Prevent Disease And Keep Your Gums Healthy, Visit Your La Mesa Dentist Regularly

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The most important visits that a patient pays to his dentist is the first visit and the one’s that he schedules on a regular basis. It is reminded of everyone that regular visits to the dentist should be scheduled every 6 months or at least once a year, for routine dental exam or teeth cleaning. This is essential if you want to maintain the health, quality, and beauty of your teeth.

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When you come into your trusted La Mesa dentist’s office for the first time, he will sit you on the chair and with his tools, he will look into your mouth and make an assessment of the current condition of your dental health. A patient’s oral health condition can be deemed healthy, satisfactory and poor. To be able to come up with this assessment various dental examinations will be carried out.

Dental Exams

  • Oral examination: The most basic dental examination carried out will involve taking the mouth mirror into the mouth and going over all the teeth to detect signs of disease and wear. It will involve visual inspection, palpation, percussion and thermal tests (when deemed necessary by the dentist)
  • Dental photographs: To properly visualize the condition of the mouth and for record purposes, dental photographs will be taken showing the teeth, the tongue and the face of the patient.
  • Dental casts: A three-dimensional representation of what can be seen in the mouth is provided by the dental cast. It is produced by taking an impression of both the upper and the lower jaw, after which the impression is poured with cement that shall harden into a perfect mould.
  • Dental radiographs: Finally, when a more definitive assessment of the tooth’s condition is required, a dental radiograph should be taken. It will give a picture of the inner layers of the teeth and the bone.

Teeth Cleaning in La Mesa, Ca

Included in this dental check up is the routine teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning procedures are required regularly if you want to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. This procedure involves the scaling of both supragingival and subgingival areas around the teeth, in order to properly get rid of adherent plaque deposits. It is also effective in removing superficial stains from food, cigarette, coffee and others.

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